June 2018 Release

Fixes and Enhancements

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For fixes and enhancements on the mobile app, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/feature-releases-and-software-updates/ios-android-mobile-app-update-june-2018

SI-2836 -
Two new fields have been added to the query builder that provides the most recent date and time that the background job for this function ran for each employee. This is so you can ensure that the score is the most up to date. The fields are named ‘Bradford Factor Updated Date/Time’ and can be found in the Employee Details area.

SI-2861 - In some cases, the Full Time Hours field was showing blank in the query builder. Data corrections have been made for the affected users. 

SI-2144 - Only one email will trigger when adding a document to an employee's record that requires a signature. If selecting 'Launch Editor' after adding, this will not trigger another email. 

SI-2567 - The value shown on the leaver wizard for pro rata entitlement will be consistent with the remaining value on the employee's planner. 

SI-2753 - Employees will not longer be able to edit the ‘Paid’ status of a sickness. 

SI-2635 - The value of the ‘Recover on Termination’ field in the Benefits logbook will now be correctly saved. This also confirms that if a benefit does need to be returned before an employee leaves the company, this will flag up on the leaver wizard. 

SI-2690 - We have optimised the Timesheets tab in Settings to all you to view all Projects, Tasks and Assignments when there are 100+ entries.

SI-2725 - We have updated the entitlement calculation logic when rehiring an employee to ensure the correct entitlement is given.

SI-2782 - Emails will now trigger to the manager when an employee has signed a document through their mobile app. 

SI-2828 - A validation message will occur if trying to add a document with the following invalid characters: ^ < > ~ ` \ | 

SI-2838 - In some cases, an error was presented when adding a new employee with a specific holiday year. This has now been resolved.

SI-2705 - When an employee is set up to accrue their hours, if inputting a date 2 years or more in advance within the calculator, a validation message will be presented saying that this is too far in the future. 

SI-2801 - Changes have been made to correctly show the number of days a comment was added to a specific sickness record. 

SI-2798 - When an employee is away on an Other Event, the chosen icon for this specific Other Event reason will be displayed next to their name in the Employees/Team tab.

SI-2746 - You will be unable to add additional mail merge tags when using a premade template within the ATS email function. 

SI-2851 - A spelling correction has been updated in the holiday approval email sent to the approver.

SI-2854 - A spelling error has been corrected on the validation message that occurs when exceeding the maximum amount of holidays days booked consecutively. 

SI-2863 - The word ‘Company’ has been removed next to your company name which is shown at the top of a holiday approval email.

SI-2864 - The ‘Date Requested’ field for Timesheets within the authorisations tab is shown in chronological order when using the sorting option. 

SI-2578 - We have made a correction in the background to allow email file names with a full stop at the end to be opened if uploaded through the Email Inbox functionality.

SI-2736 - An additional field has been added to the Tasks area to show who had created the Task.

SI-2647 - Necessary validations have been added to ensure only supported data is added in a logbook screen. This ensures that the logbook screen can be accessed and reported on within the query builder.  

SI-2903 - Capital letters on the ‘Paid’ status in sicknesses will be kept consistent. 

SI-2613 - A data correction has been made for affected users where, in some specific cases, Holiday Approval Workflows were not being taken into account when a holiday was requested. 

SI-2960 - The correct validation message will be shown when creating a password for the first time. “Please enter a password that is at least 8 characters long and contains at least one capital letter, small letter, symbol and one number. 

SI-2981 - If you have a metadata file added in the system settings for Single Sign On, you can now specify per employee record who will be required to use SSO, and who can bypass with a simple username and password. For more information on this, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/setup/activatedeactivate-sso-for-specific-employees

SI-2728 - A new function has been added to the Bulk Actions area which will allow you to bulk upload logbook data. For more information on this, please see the article:  http://help.peoplehr.com/bulk-actions/bulk-actions-logbook-data-upload

SI-2943 - Within the API tab in Settings, API keys will now be masked to ensure security - some parts of the key will not be displayed. To copy and paste, there is now a button available for users to select which will copy the API key to your clipboard in order to paste externally. Any changes to the API area have been added to the updated article ‘Creating an API Key’: http://help.peoplehr.com/integrations/creating-an-api-key 

SI-2869, SI-2941 & SI-2934 - When creating an API key, you have the option to restrict the use of this key under specific IP addresses. 

SI-2892 - There will be more layers under the API area when creating an API ke  in order for users to provide a more controlled access. You can select specific calls/actions that can be used through an API key. 

SI-2933 - Users will now be able to specify certain queries required via the API key instead of having to give access to all queries. 

SI-2870 & 2942 - In API Settings, once clicking on an API key you will find a clock icon which provides audit history - if any changes are made to this API key, you will be able to see when this was made and by who.

SI-3026 - In some cases, response status code displaying as 5 rather than 0 when successfully adding an other event using the API - this has now been resolved.

Si-3034 - Users will be unable to pull query data via the API if the exact same job is currently running for the same query and API key. 

SI-3007 - Changes have been made in the background validation of 121’s logbook entry to prevent invalid data being added. This resolved cases where ‘Oops’ messages were occurring when clicking into this logbook, and also resolves blank data showing when building a query on this information.

Si-3023 - A fix has been actioned to ensure that the correct holiday approval workflow was correctly processed when approving a holiday via email. 


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