SI-2962 - On the mobile app, using the back button on an Android will direct you to the previous screen as opposed to closing the app. 

SI-2918 - When adding a location for Tap in Tap out, you can specify a GMT Offset per location. For more information on this area, please see:

SI-2975 - When viewing documents on the mobile app, the appropriate document viewer will open the specific document type. For example, linked documents will be opened in the mobile browser. 

SI-2908 - Expense date will be saved and will not revert to default once uploading an expense receipt image. 

SI-2909 - When adding an expense, the date for this expense will follow the timezone set within your mobile settings. 

SI-2913 - Changes have been made in the background to ensure that users can still access a query, even if the category this query was specified under was deleted. 

SI-2973 - Only administrators will be able to edit Analysis Codes for an employee. Users with Proxy Access will not have the ability to do this. 

SI-2979 - We have resolved a case where the incorrect ‘Holiday Type ‘and ‘Measured In’ were displaying on the mobile app. 

SI-2953 - Users will be able to successfully delete a logbook record through the API.

SI-2998 - When authorisation for timesheets is turned on in settings, if an admin has a manager and submits a timesheet, the request will go to their manager for approval.

SI-2991 & SI-2992 - The new language preference ‘English (Optional)’ is now available on the mobile app. 

SI-2989 & SI-3000 - When going into the mobile app after it being closed for some time, the app will now support facial recognition/fingerprint scanner. The options will depend on those available on your mobile.

SI-2920 - When a holiday request is approved via the mobile app, we can confirm that an email will now generate to the employee to let them know.

SI-2597 - We have corrected an error where if your virtual clock as set at a time that would mean you are on the previous day to GMT time, you will now be able to clock in and clock out on the correct day. 


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