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Creating scorecards and using them to score an applicant on different areas.

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When creating a vacancy, you will find a Scorecard tab. This is the scorecard that will be available to fill out in each of the applicant's record who has applied for this vacancy.

Either an Admin, Hiring Manager or Hiring Lead would select 'Add New' to create a new scorecard for this applicant. All vacancies will have a default Scorecard created by the system - you can edit this default (all new vacancies will have this scorecard) and/or edit this per vacancy. 

To locate the default scorecard:

1. Click the 'Settings' tab
2. Click the 'ATS' tab
3. Select 'Scorecards'

To locate a specific vacancy's scorecard:

1. Click the 'ATS' tab
2. Click on the 2nd tab at the bottom
3. Go into the specific vacancy
4. Select the 'Scorecards' tab

Once you have located the default or specific scorecard, you can edit in the same way. 

Here you can have different categories/areas that you can score an applicant on (ex. the applicant's CV, their experience, the interview, their confidence, personality etc.)

Click 'Edit' to manage any of the existing categories - Here you can edit the name of the category and add/edit/delete any existing questions in that category. 

Adding a Scorecard to an applicant's record:

1. Locate and select the applicant's record
2. Select the 'Scorecards' tab
3. Click 'Add New'

You will then be presented with all categories and questions, with the ability to score the applicant from 1-5 on each. 

Remember to click Save!


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