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Purchase Order Approval Request
Purchase Order Approval Request
Need to Convince Your Purchasing Department?
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One of the biggest problems our customers face before rocketing ahead with our HR system, is convincing their purchasing department or financial director that People® is actually going to increase efficiency, revenue and overall business growth.

We already know that our HR software is great value for money. But this isn’t always as clear to those who do not have time to do the research, and so, to help new customers get over this hurdle faster, we’ve created a swipe file that is completely free of charge, and that answers many of the questions put forward by financial or purchasing directors and departments.

To use it, simply download the document using the link below, copy the bits you need, and then customise them for your company. You can then submit a case for review by your financing department however you normally would. If you’d like a hand with any of this, please email for further assistance.

And if you are up against questions this swipe file doesn’t answer, please let us know – we want to keep updating this document to account for every objection any financial department could ever throw in your way!

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