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ATS - Difference between Job Approvers & Offer Approvers
ATS - Difference between Job Approvers & Offer Approvers

And how to set them up.

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-What is the difference between Job Approvers and Offer Approvers?-

Job Approvers -
Upon creating saving a vacancy, if you have any Job Approvers specified, the vacancy will become 'Pending' and they will receive a request email to approve or decline this vacancy. Please see:

Offer Approvers -
If a vacancy has an Offer Approver specified, the pipeline stage will automatically have another step added before the 'Accepted Stage', this will be called 'Awaiting Approval'. Offer Approvers must approve the candidate before they can be moved to the 'Accepted' stage and add them to the system as a new starter. Please see:

-How to add Job Approvers and Offer Approvers?-

The second page of creating a vacancy is the 'Approvers' tab. 

Here you can specify Hiring Leads for this vacancy and set up approvers. For more on Hiring Leads please see:

You can also add approvers in the ATS settings area, so that any vacancy falling under a certain criteria (Company/Location/Department) will have these approvers by default. Please see the video below on how to do this:

Written instructions on the above video:

  1. First access 'Settings', click on 'ATS' and select 'Approvers'.

  2. To add your first approval option, click on the '+' icon.

  3. Using the Company, Location and Department filters, you can specify which of these options require an approver for either a Vacancy or for a Job Offer. For example you can set that for a specific company, any Vacancy and Jobs require approval from one or more persons.

  4. Once you have set your filters you can then click the 'Add' button to add your approvers. You also have the option to specify if Anyone can Approve (this will mean if you have multiple approvers selected, only 1 of them will require approval). All must approve, or Approve in Order Specified, (if you have selected 'either of the latter then please note if an admin is in the chain of authorisations, this will not continue once the admin has approved, this is due to allow an admin to override a vacancy authorisation in the event of approvers being off/ out of office).

  5. Finally, click 'Save' and this will be your default approval process for any vacancies or job offers.

  6. The approvers will receive an email with details and an option to approve or decline the Vacancy or Job Offer.


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