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Timesheets - Logging an Overnight Shift
Timesheets - Logging an Overnight Shift
How to log a timesheet that starts on one day and ends on the next.
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When logging a timesheet that goes past midnight, the 'clock in' should be added on the first day and the 'clock out' on the next. 

  1. Click to add a timesheet

  2. Add the 'Time In' when you start your shift

3. Click 'Save'.

4. As there is no clock out yet, your timesheet will show like this:

5. Upon finishing your shift, go to add a timesheet on the current day (the next day) and log your Time Out. As you had already clocked in, you will see that the Time In is greyed out:

6. Click Save - the alert will now disappear as you have clocked out from your shift. 


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