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How job approvers authorise vacancies.

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This article is going to explain more about the process of a Job Approver. 

To learn how to set up Job Approvers and Offer Approvers, and the difference between them, please see:

If you are a specified job approver and a vacancy has just been submitted for approval, you will be sent an email similar to the one below:

You can either authorise directly from the email, or log into People to view the vacancy in there.

If you prefer to log in, go directly to the ATS tab.

Locate and click on the vacancy and you will see an approve/reject button at the top.

Clicking 'Reject' will send the vacancy into the 'Archived' status. 

Clicking 'Approve' will send the vacancy into draft phase to be further handled. To learn how to set a vacancy to active from here, please see:


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