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The process of Offer Approvers and how to approve.
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This article is going to explain more about the process of an Offer Approver. 

To learn how to set up Job Approvers and Offer Approvers, and the difference between them, please see:

When a job has been created with an Offer Approver, an additional pipeline stage has been added under 'Accepted' called 'Awaiting Approval':

These two fields cannot be moved as they work together.

Once an applicant has been chosen, they will have to be first moved to the 'Awaiting Approval' stage. This will trigger an email similar to the one below:

You can either authorise directly from the email, or log into People to view the vacancy in there.

If you prefer to log in, please follow instructions below:

  1. Click into the ATS tab

  2. Go into the 'Applicant Overview' (3rd tab at bottom)

  3. Use the drop down box in the top right hand corner to enter the correct vacancy

  4. Click into the Applicant's record:

5. Once in the Applicant's record, click the 'Pipeline' tab
6. Click the 'Awaiting Approval' stage to collapse down.
7. You will now see the option to approve/decline, and also the approvers. 

8. If there are multiple approvers, you will see a date in which each user had approved this candidate. If there is no date, the user has not yet approved. 

Once the candidate has been approved all round, you will be able t drag them to the Accepted stage and follow the New Starter Wizard.


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