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(Admin Only) Adding/editing options from drop down lists - ex. Company, Location, Department, Job role.
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You can edit and add to many lists within the system such as the Company/Location/Department/Job role list.

To do this:

  1. Go into the list itself in any employee record

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Manage This List':

-To add an option-

1. Click to the end of the list and type your new option
2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to submit
3. Click 'Done'

-To rename an option-

1. Click on the option you wish to rename
2. Type to rename
3. Click 'Done'

-To delete an option-

1. Click on the X next to the option you wish to delete
2. The option will disappear
3. Click 'Done'

If there is no X next to the option, this means that it the option is currently in use somewhere else in the system and therefore you will be unable to delete it. 

For example, you may be unable to delete a Location because an employee is currently assigned to that option. If so, you can change their location to make this not 'in use' anymore. You can then delete it. 

The following areas where a Location/Department (Loc/Dep) may be in use that is preventing you from deleting:

  1. Employee Personal - An employee is assigned to this option

  2. Leavers - There is a leaver that is assigned to this field

  3. News - This option has been given specified access to a News post

  4. Company document - This option has been given specified access to a Document

  5. Employee proxy setting - A user has edited access rights to this Location/Dep

  6. Authorisation rule setting - An Authorisation rule is specific to this option

  7. Accrual Rule Setting - An Accrual rule is specific to this option

  8. Project Timesheet Rule Setting - A Project assignment is specific to this option

  9. Performance Review Setting - A Performance Review is specific to this option

  10. Notification Setting - A user has been specified to receive notifications for this option

  11. Poll Group - In relation to Pulse Surveys on the mobile app, this Loc/Dep has been specified to answer a survey. 

If you're stuck on this, feel free to email for our team to explain further. 


Customer Services Team.

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