August 2018 Release (Part 1)

Fixes and enhancements

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SI-3033 - When triggering a welcome email to new employees that were uploaded via the Bulk Action Employee Data Load, they will now receive the correct link to log in for the first time and set up a password. 

SI-3088 - We have made some changes to the Other Event approval webhook (action ID 24) to ensure consistency when approving using different method (ie. email or main application).

SI-2917 - Changes have been made in the background to ensure that a user with proxy access can view documents that fall under their related access rights.

SI-3080 - In some instances, it appeared that applicants could bypass mandatory questions, however this was due to the answers not being presented. This has now been noted and resolved. 

SI-3023  - A fix has been actioned to ensure that the correct holiday approval workflow was correctly processed when approving a holiday via email.

SI-2970 - We have resolved a case where admins were not able to view their own expenses. To confirm - all admins will be able to view all expenses.

SI-3081 - When on an Other Event accrual rule and using the planner's calculate function (in hours), we can confirm that the correct value will be provided. 


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