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IOS & Android Mobile App Release - August 2018
IOS & Android Mobile App Release - August 2018

Fixes and Enhancements

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SI-3067 - We have resolved a case where the mobile app was crashing on IOS devices. This was due to Mobile TapInTapOut turned on with no locations in the Settings area, and has now been resolved. 

SI-3063 & SI-3044 - When inputting an Assignment on the mobile app that runs over midnight, we can confirm that the ‘Total Hours’ will correctly calculate when based on the start and end time.

SI-3075 - We have enhanced the resolution of expense images being submitted via the mobile app on Android devices. 

SI-3084 - We can confirm that the chat function on the mobile app is sending and receiving messages successfully. 

SI-3099 - We have made some changes in the background to improve loading times and prevent server errors caused by slow loading on Android devices. 

SI-3083 - There is now a validation when entering spaces in Personal Details on the mobile app to avoid the ability to save blank data. 

SI-3004 - In some cases, applicants were experiencing some ‘crashing’ issues with the Video Recruit app. These issues have been investigated and resolved.

SI-3046 - We have made some changes in the background within the Video Recruit app in order to allow the ability to preview videos that were recorded on any device type.


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