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Customise the Logbook
Customise the Logbook
Create new logbooks or edit existing ones with the logbook designer
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With the logbook designer, you have the ability to edit all preloaded logbooks as well as create new ones. Here's three additional articles you may want to know about:

Access, Manage & Edit Logbooks

See the video below for your logbook settings. This covers:

  • Accessing logbook settings

  • Managing logbook access

  • Edit existing logbooks

You can create an Authorisation rule for individual logbooks if you wish for the information entered within a logbook to be checked before saved. Click here to learn more on Authorisation workflows. 

Create a New Logbook

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Click 'Logbook' 

  3. Click the plus icon

From here you'll be presented with this screen:

4. Select the 'In Use' button for this logbook to be available once saved. You can turn this on at a later date and leave as a draft for now if you prefer. 

5. Give the screen a name (i.e Medical Records, Company Equipment etc.)

6. Add a description - the title and description will be shown at the top of a logbook as so:

7. The access option is to specify whether the employee and/or their manager has access to this logbook within the employee's individual record, and if they can update or view only:

If you have selected 'Update', you can also add an approval workflow to this so that the information added by the employee or manager has to be approved in order to be saved. 

8. Once you have set up, click to add a new field:

Here's a video of Adam (our Lead Trainer at People HR) explaining all the different field types available, what they do and how they will look in an employee record.

You can also preview any logbook from this area by clicking the icon shown in the image below:

You can even complete in the fields to get a feel of what this will be like for the employee to complete - nothing will be saved when completing a logbook in this preview area.

9. For each field you can add a help text which is displayed when the user hovers over it:

10. The next three options are described below:
Is Mandatory? - Tick this so that a logbook cannot be saved unless this field has been completed

Is Private? - Tick this if you wish for the field to only be shown to Admins

Show in List - Select for this field and it's data to be shown in the employee's logbook list before clicking on the record itself, as shown below:

11. Click 'Add' to add your new field to the logbook. 

12. You can drag each field up or down to change the order in which they are displayed.

13. Once you are happy with your logbook, click 'Save'.

Logbook Access

Once you have created your logbook, you can now specify the user audience for this logbook - who it will be available for - the user audience.

Click here for an article on Logbook Access.


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