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Calculating Holiday Entitlement
Calculating Holiday Entitlement
How does the system automatically pro rata entitlement and when?
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Where has the Help Me Calculate tool gone?

Changes have been made to the way the system calculates pro rata entitlement. Now, this is done automatically when adding an employee to the system or changing their work hours - so you don't have to!

When does/doesn't the system calculate an employee's entitlement?

New Starter Wizard - The system will calculate an employee's entitlement when you first add the employee to the system. In the New Starter Wizard, once you have selected a work pattern, confirmed the contracted hours and Full Time Hours, and selected how their entitlement will be measured (Days/Hours), you will be provided with a This Year and Next Year Value. 

Change in Work Pattern - When changing an employee's work pattern part way through the year, the system not only has to calculate the amount of entitlement they should receive from work pattern changed date with their new hours, it also needs to provide the employee with the entitlement they would have already earned that year on their old work hours. 

Change work pattern in bulk - Currently this calculation will not take place when changing a number of work patterns in Bulk Actions. The system will trigger a reminder to alert you when making a change in bulk actions. 

What is the calculation?

How Can I Check This Calculation?

You can use the question mark icon next to the value given to view this calculation specific to that employee. 

Can I overwrite this?

You sure can! Please see the article linked on updating an employee's entitlement manually:

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