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List of New Fields in Query Builder
List of New Fields in Query Builder
August 2018 Release (Part 2)
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The second part of our August Release 2018 features many enhancements/changes to the query builder, including a number of new fields. 

This article shows you all additional fields and in which 'Selected Area' you can find them.

For the main August 2018 (part 2) release notes, please see:

Selected Area: Employee Details

The ability to report on Length of Service in Months, whilst also keeping the previous LOS query field. 

  • Length Of Service In Months

The ability to report on edit access rights:

  • Is Edit Access Right?

  • When Edit Access Given?

  • Edit Access Given By

Selected Area: Contacts Details

Split address Lines to separate fields will now show as:

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • Town/City

  • Country/State

  • Country

  • Post Code

Split address for Other Contacts:

  • Other Contact Address Line 1

  • Other Contact Address Line 2

  • Other Contact Town/City

  • Other Contact Country/State

  • Other Contact Country

  • Other Contact Post Code

Selected Area: Document 

Reporting on deleted employee documents: 

  • Document Name

  • Is Document Deleted?

  • Document Updated Date Time 

  • Document Updated By

Selected Area: Performance

Extract the date in which an employee started their review 

  • Performance Start Date

Selected Area: Break Timesheet

This area will now be named ‘Timesheet’. Additions to this area include: 

  • Is Deleted?

  • Timesheet Updated Date

  • Timesheet Updated By

Selected Area: Project Assignments

This area will now be named ‘Assignments’. Additions include:

  • Is Deleted?

  • Assignment Updated Date

  • Assignment Updated By

Selected Area: Vacancy

Audit change history on vacancies:

  • Vacancy Updated Date Time 

  • Vacancy Updated By

Selected Area: Applicant

Audit change history on applicant records:

  • Applicant Updated Date Time 

  • Applicant Updated By

Report on applicant files

  • Document Name

  • Is Document Deleted

  • Document Updated DateTime

  • Document Updated By

Selected Area: Holidays

Audit change history on booked holidays

  • Holiday Updated By

  • Holiday Updated DateTime

Selected Area: Salary Details

Audit salary changes

  • Salary Updated Date

  • Salary Updated By

  • Is Deleted?


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