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(Admin Only) Adding charts and graphs to your customised report.
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When creating your own report in the 'Reports' tab, you have the option to include a chart that displays data taken from a query you have built, or static data that you can upload. This article focuses on how to add charts to your report and use each setting option.

If you like to learn more about creating custom reports as a whole, please see:

Once you have opened a custom report -

1. Click the Chart Icon on the left hand side:

2. Drag and drop the chart type you wish to be displayed:

3. Use the chart settings on the left hand side to start customising this chart. 

You may notice some slight differences in the Chart Settings based on the chart you have selected. Each field is described below.

This is where you select where the data is being pulled from. These settings have slight differences depending on the chart you are using. 

Instead of using a query, you can select 'Add Static Data' in the first drop-down box here:

By selecting this option, you will be presented with the below screen:

You can use this option :

  • Use the sheet editor to type in new data for your graph

  • Select 'Upload File' to upload a spreadsheet containing data

  • Use the 'Import From Query' option to edit the data pulled from a query 

Chart Title:
This setting is to edit the chart title and is displayed the same for all chart types. 

The legend is automatically created once you have selected where you data is coming from, it provides a key for the data shown. In this setting you can change the formatting of legend text. 

X-Axis/Y-Axis Title/Ticks:
The next four options will only be shown when using a Area chart, line chart, bar chart or column chart. These options are to format the texts on each axis and look like:

General Chart Settings:
Use this area to adjust the background colour of the whole chart and/or choosing whether you wish for the series value to be shown on the chart (ie. on a funnel chart):

Change Chart Type:
Even after you have gone through the set up, you may find that you'd prefer this to be displayed in a different chart. Use this area to do so:


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