SI-3347 - We have updated the validation message when creating a Location in TapinTapout settings to confirm that the radius should be more than 80 metres. 

SI-3362 - A case has been resolved where error messages were occurring when viewing vacancies on the job board.

SI-3025 - We have corrected a case to ensure that current work pattern is using the email tag [[Working Pattern]] in a ripple process. 

SI-3097 - Some changes have been made in the background so that the correct Start and End time of an interview will be included in the ical feed included in the ‘Invite To Interview’ ATS email. 

SI-3313 - Deductions will be included in the ‘Perk’ query filter when querying on salary information. 

SI-3355 - The holiday year specified per a certain location will be defaulted for a new starter once you have added their location. 

SI-3344 - Employee’s full time hours will not be rounded to the nearest value, to ensure data input by an admin is not changed automatically. 

SI-3337 - We have corrected the validation within email templates to ensure welcome emails are not triggered when making a new ‘Plugin’ request. 

SI-3325 - When loading previous sick records during initial data loads, these will not trigger alerts to complete Return To Work Forms, Self Certifications etc. 

SI-3320 - We have resolved a case where users were unable to open Tasks when using a Chromebook device. 

SI-3314 - Admins will now be able to audit on deleted applicants within the query builder.

SI-3303 - In some cases users were having troubles editing or deleted fields in certain logbook screens. This has now been resolved. 

SI-3111 - Changes have been made to the way special characters are coded to ensure employee names are presented correctly. 

SI-3069 - In relation to our new feature allowing admins to create custom reports, we have made some changes to the existing report features. Admins can now define view access for existing reports by Company/Location/Department as well as marking a report as ‘Admin Exclusive’ or ‘Manager Specific’.

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