Queries - Build an Expense Report
Creating an expense report, exporting and printing.
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The query builder lets you extract information from the system into the form of a report, which you are then able to export into CSV format and also print from there. The focus of this article is how to build an expense report and/or reporting on deleted expenses. 

For more information on the query builder itself, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/reports-and-queries/queries-how-to-create-a-query

To create  an expense query, first you will need to click on the Queries tab and select the plus icon. From here:

1. Click the 'Expenses' field in the first column

2. In the next three columns, scroll down to the expense information. 

3. Select all information you wish to include in this query. 'Expense Date Submitted', 'Expense Report Description' and 'Expense Status' would need to be selected at least for this query to be most useful. 

The option 'Expense Line Receipt' shown below provides a URL(link) to an image of each receipt submitted in the expense. 

You can also report on deleted expenses:

4. Click Next - you are now in the 'Filters and Options' page

5. If you skip this page, the query will retrieve all active employees and all expenses they have ever submitted. You may wish to use this area to filter by employee name, a specific time frame etc. For example, you can filter the date so that the query will only bring up expense reports submitted this month:

6. Once you have chosen your filters (if any), click Next.

7. Name your query (you can also select a category and/or write a description of this query. 

8. Click Next and you will be provided with the information requested during set up.

9. If you wish to export or print, click the 'Export' button shown below:


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