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How do I make a user a Manager?
How do I make a user a Manager?

Set up reporting lines by adding a manager to an employee's record

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To specify an employee's manager/addition manager:

1. Access the employee' record

2. Click on the 'Personal' tab.

3. Scroll down and click on the dropdown list for 'Reports To'

4. Select the manager

5. This will ask you for a reason for the change. E.g. promotion, current manager has left etc.

6. Click on 'Save'.

7. Below this area you can also add an additional manager for the employee.An employee will need a main direct report before adding an additional manager - 

What's the difference between a manager and additional manager?

A main direct report is required before adding an additional manager - this is so that the org chart has a reporting line to follow. This doesn't necessarily have to mean the direct report is the main manager and the additional is different. Additional managers will still receive holiday requests as well as the direct manager, and will have manager access to their employee's records (The only tab they cannot access the same as a manager will be the employee's contacts tab).


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