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Link vacancies directly from your ATS to be presented on your company website
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This article explains how to put a job listing into your website using an IFRAME. Please pass this help article to your IT/Web team so they can action this for you, it is quite a quick and easy task for them to complete. 


Firstly, you are required to download the file below:

In this file we have added an example RSS feed which will need to be replaced with your RSS feed. 

To locate your RSS feed:

  1. Log into your People® site

  2. Click the 'Settings' tab

  3. Click the 'ATS' tab in settings

  4. Locate and open the 'RSS Feed' tab

  5. Here you will see an Internal and External RSS feed. This is based on the 'Vacancy Type' you would have selected when making each vacancy. The External RSS feed will only contain all vacancies that have the vacancy type marked as 'External' etc. 

  6. Highlight and copy the RSS feed you wish to link.

Once copying this, go back to the document you have downloaded and replace the following text with your RSS Feed: https://middletonconsulting.peoplehr.net/Pages/JobBoard/CurrentOpenings.aspx?o=c5f1897b-58c2-43cd-99c4-7403058c81ad

Next, save this file and upload it to your server.

You can then locate the page you wish to add these vacancies to and embed the following iFrame code to the HTML of this page. 

<iframe src="www.yoursite.com/loader.php" style="width:970px"  ></iframe>

New vacancies and vacancy changes will update automatically to your website. 


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