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Employee Photo Bulk Upload
Employee Photo Bulk Upload

Uploading a number of employee photos in bulk

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This tool will allow you to upload the photos to the correct employees record. 

To do this: 

1. Save each employee photo named as their employee ID (found in their Personal tab) and add in one folder. These should be a .png file - eg. ‘PW1.png’ ‘PW2.png’

The size should be be 256x256 (or very similar)

2. To link the programme with your system, you also need to create an API key. This key needs to contain all 'Employee' endpoints. On how to create an API key, please see: 

3. Download the programme from the link below, this will require you to set up the programme on your computer, follow the steps and save it on your computer, your desktop for example.

Download the File HERE

4. Double click on the programme and this will open the below screen:

5. Paste this API key into the box marked ‘API key’.

6. Click the ‘…’ icon next to the ‘Photos location’ field to locate the folder containing the photos. 

7. Click on the ‘Match Photos’ button.

The tool will then load the employees details and try to match the photo file name ("PW1.png") against the existing employees as shown below. An invalid employee ID will be flagged accordingly and be grey. 

Once you are happy that the pictures match the employee then press the Upload images button, this will tell you all the pictures it has uploaded.


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