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New Starter Wizard (Add New Employee)
New Starter Wizard (Add New Employee)
Creating an employee record and calculating their entitlement
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To add an employee to your system: 

1. Click on the 'Employees' tab

2. Click on the '+' icon in the top left

3. Here you can enter basic information about the new starter. 

4. Click 'Next' - here you will be presented with the below screen:

Copy Existing Details - If you have a similar employee in the system, you can use this option to copy basic information. 

Company/Location/Department - Specify where the employee will be working. If you need to add a new option to a drop down list, select 'Manage This List' at the bottom of the drop down to add/edit.

Analysis Code 1 and 2 - You may use these for additional information not already specified on the employee record. For more information on setting this up, please see:

Job Role - Specify the employee's job role

Reports To - Select the employee's manager

Start Date - Select employee's start date

NI Number/SSN - Specify Nation Insurance/Social Security number

Scroll down the new starter wizard a little further to find:

-Work Pattern and Calculating Entitlement-

Holiday Year - Specify when the employee's holiday year is from and to. This can only be a 12 month period. 

Work Pattern - Once you have selected an employee's work pattern, their Contracted Hours will pre populate. 

Full Time Hours & Full Time Entitlement - specify the weekly hours a full time employee will work, and what entitlement they have for the whole year. This will calculate the employee's Full Time Equivalent (FTE). 

Measured In - is the employee's entitlement measured in Days or Hours?

Holidays - Once all of the above is specified, this will automatically calculate the employee's entitlement. The 'This Years' balance will be a pro rata entitlement pro based on their start date. The 'Next Years' will be their full year entitlement based on their contracted hours.

The calculation is as follows: A x B/C x D/E  = Pro Rata entitlement

  • A = Full Time Entitlement

  • B/C = Contracted Hours / Full Time Hours

  • D/E = No of weeks worked in specified time period / 52

-Calculating Salary-

If you already know the employee's salary, you can simply add the information in the box shown below:

If you need assistance calculating, select the Help Me Calculate option to be presented with this box:

Enter the Salary Amount that a full time employee would receive. Based on the previously specified Full Time Hours and the new employee's Contracted Hours, the system will calculate their salary. Click 'Done'

5. Click 'Next', which will bring you to the 'Tasks' section. 

Here you can apply or generate any specific tasks you wish to use regarding the new starter. This is a really great area to set up your new starter checklist for future starters too. Click here for an in depth explanation of what these are and how to set them up.

5. Finally, click 'Next' and this will finalise the new starter wizard and will have added the employee to the system.

The employee will then receive an email that they can follow to log in for the first time and set up a password.


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