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Navigate Employee Records

Learn what each of the sections of the employee record involve

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Below you will find some headers, named after each tab of an employee record, that provide detailed explanations as to what this a area includes, as well as related articles that may help.


You can see in the overview tab the employee length of employment, number of absences and the holiday balance remaining.

You have a leaver wizard in the top right hand corner. This is the opposite process to adding an employee.

You can delete this person permanently from the system, for example if you had a new starter who didn’t turn up on their first day.

You can give them full admin status to access all employees records

You can also edit their access rights.

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Within the employees planner, you can view and add any holidays, other leave, sickness, lateness, public holidays, maternity/ paternity and timesheets/ assignments for this employee.

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This is where we can view and amend the employee’s details, such as who they report to, employee photo, continuous service date, salary etc. 

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In the documents tab, you can view existing documents and also add new documents to the employees record. 

There is also an option to select digital signature, where the employee must digitally sign their name to say they have read and agreed to the document. A weekly email will also be sent out to the employee if they haven’t yet signed the document.

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In the logbook you can add information about the employee to build up a personnel file. For example you can add training records in this area, company benefits, qualifications, vehicle information etc. 

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You can add information about the employment of the employee e.g. add probation details, notice period etc.

Notably the right to work and background check options are where you can add any relevant details/ documents which can be linked into your tasks section so that you can be notified a certain amount of days before the expiry date. Please note that only administrators can see this information.


The contact section allows the employees to update their own details, change of address, bank account etc. Here they can also add emergency contact details for one or more persons.

Admins can allow managers access to see these details if they wish. The administrator will be notified of any changes made by the employee in this section.

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-Skills and Thanks-

The skills section links in with the thanks badges and shows the employees skills generated from thanks badges. Thanks badges can be added, seen and commented on by anyone in the company.

Thanks where you can see thanks badges given to this employee.

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Performance is where you can view current and previous performance reviews which are logged within the system for this employee. This links in with the 'Performance' section on the left which gives you an overview of any outstanding reviews, year on year statistics etc.

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-Case Log-

The case log is where you can log any cases related to the employee. Any open cases in an employees file will populate into your cases section on the left. The case log and cases sections are only visible by administrators.

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