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Sync up to 10 queries on GoogleSheets and share externally
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What is a Hotsheet?

Sometimes you may need to send data to someone who otherwise does not have admin access to view as a report this within PeopleHR. Hotsheets allow you to link queries that contain live employee data into an external spreadsheet, in a secure way.

Or you may want to gain specific calculations for your data, but don't want to do this every time you run a query. If you add formula, charts and tables to your spreadsheet, when the hotsheet is updated with the new query data, the these will update too.

Editing the specific query (Add/removing columns) may affect this however so make sure you're happy with the query lay out before getting started!

If you prefer to use Excel, we also have a feature called Excel Hotsheets. Click here to learn more.

Why Would I Use This Tool?

  • Link up to 10 queries from your People® account onto a Google Sheet, and create graphs and pivot tables based on the query data. 

  • Although MAC devices could not support Excel Hotsheets, this feature is based on Google Drive and can therefore be accessed from any device that has access to Google Drive.

  • You can keep all files in one place, and securely share them with other Google users, adding restrictions to their access if necessary.

  • It's a lot more secure than saving it to your desktop and emailing it to your team.

  • It's free!

Creating a Google Hotsheet

1. Log into your google drive

2. Click on the 'New' button in the top left:

3. Select to open a Google Sheet:

4. Once the Google Sheet is open, you now require the People Hotsheets add-on (if you already have this add-on, please skip to step 8.)
Select the 'Add-ons' tab at the top and select 'Get add-ons'

5. Use the search option in the top right to search for 'People Hotsheets' and select the icon. 

6. Click ‘+ free’ icon

7. Google will prompt you to specify which google account you wish to use. Once selected and read the information provided, scroll down and click 'Allow' 

8. Now that you have the add-on, click the 'Add-ons' tab again, go down to 'People Hotsheets' and click 'Load Hotsheets'

The add-on settings will appear on right hand side:

9. You'll need to create an API that has access to the queries you wish to link. To learn how to easily create an API key, please refer to:

10. Once you have this key, paste it into the API text box.

11. Always leave the 'Endpoint' box as it is. 

12. Select the 'Add Query' button and type in the query name you wish to link - this is case sensitive. You can select 'Add Query' up to 10 times.

13. Click 'Auto Refresh' if you wish for the end user to have up to date data every time they open this file. 

14. Click 'Load data'

This will create a new tab the bottom of your Google Sheet containing the query data:

If any data within the system changes, the query in People® updates automatically. To update the Google Hotsheet however, go back until the People Hotsheets add-on and select 'Refresh Hotsheet':

--Sharing The Hotsheet--

1. Click the 'Share' button in the top right hand corner:

2. Once naming your file, you can start to select other users you wish to have access to this file

3. Click 'Done'.

Once you have given someone access, if you go back into the 'Share' option and select 'Advanced' in the bottom right-hand corner you can edit their access options, as well as set an expiration to their access, as shown below:

--What Else Can I Do With This Data?--

Please see the video please on creating charts and pivot tables with the data exported.


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