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Why Do I Keep Getting Logged Out?
Why Do I Keep Getting Logged Out?
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There are a few factors that may be causing you to get automatically logged out of the system. These are:

  • Admins are able to set a 'session timeout' to keep your information as secure as possible. Double check with your Admin on the timeframe of this setting.

  • Without a setting, the maximum time out session is 55 minutes. 

  • If you have People® open in a number of tabs on the same browser. For security reasons, this should only be open on one tab/screen.

  • The system cannot take into account typing as system activity - only clicks. If you're typing a lot of information on the system, such as in a performance review, you may be timed out for as inactive. We advise saving every now and then to ensure you don't lose your work. 

If you have looked into the above factors, please contact our team on to assist further.


Customer Services Team.

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