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Bulk Actions - Holidays Accruals
Bulk Actions - Holidays Accruals
Setup the system to accrue holiday for employees who gain holiday entitlement for hours worked
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We have two different Accrual features on the system. This article explains the Bulk Actions accrual rule that is great for when employees are on an irregular working pattern and will accrue entitlement based on their hours worked. 

[The other Accrual feature, found in settings, is used to set up employees to accrue a set entitlement every month to eventually make up their yearly entitlement. For more on this feature, please see: ]

There's a few things to set up before using this tool. Please follow instructions below:

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Scroll down in the 'Holidays & Absence Settings' page to find 'Holiday Entitlement %'

This value is the percentage of hours worked by the employee, as what will be converted back into holiday entitlement. You can edit this to suit your company policies. 

3. You then need to set up an employee to accrue their holidays. To do this, go into their personal Planner. 

4. Click on the blue 'Settings' button and from there:

  • ensure their entitlement is set to Hours

  • reset employees entitlement is set to 0 for this year and next year

  • select the Accrue Entitlement checkbox

Once set up, you can start to input the hours worked by an employee for the system to work out how many hours holiday they will have accrued. You can do this as regular as you think would be best - daily, weekly etc. 

5. Click on the Bulk Actions tab on the left hand side:

6. . Select the 'Holiday Accruals' option:

7. Use the filters for a quick way to select the group of employees you wish to add their hours worked to. When selecting a filter, for example a certain department, it will only present all employees in that department that are set up to accrue their hours. 

8. Click 'Next' in the bottom right hand corner. 

9. You will be taken to a list of all employees that are set up to accrue their holidays:

10. From here you can add the hours worked by the employee in order for the system to work out how many hours holiday they will have accrued. 


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