To locate your ATS Settings:

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab
  2. Select the 'ATS' sub-tab.

Here you will find many other areas within that you can go into and set up defaults for your Applicant Tracking System - these are each explains in the relevant heading below, with related articles:

Here you can edit the order of the pipeline stages - these are the stages an applicant file will be processed through during recruitment. For more information, please see:

When creating a vacancy, you will find a Scorecard tab. This is the scorecard that will be available to fill out in each of the applicant's record who has applied for this vacancy. Please see the article on Scorecards to find out more:

In this area you can add default Job Approvers or Offer Approvers to vacancies under a specific Company, Location or Department. On the difference between the two types of approvers, please see:

-Hiring Leads-
Here you can add default hiring leads to vacancies under a specific Company, Location or Department. To learn more about what Hiring Leads can do, please see:

-Email Templates-
Here is where you can set up a number of email templates. Once set up, you can easily select a template when emailing an applicant for example when hiring, rejecting inviting to interviews. Please see the linked article on how to set up email templates:

-Email Settings-
The People® ATS system will send applicants emails on your behalf. Here you can set up an email address that this the email will be shown to be sent from. On how to set this up:

-RSS Feed-
Here you can find your internal and external RSS feed. These feeds contain all live vacancy information, so that you can embed the feed into your company website and display these vacancies directly from there. To learn more, please see:

In this area you can find some simply settings based around the application process. This includes adding a confirmation message that the applicant will see once applying for your vacancy, allowing duplicates (in more detail below), and specifying an email template to be sent upon application.


The vacancy area contains some simple settings that you can turn on to allow employees/managers to create and request vacancies, link vacancies to external job boards and allow mail merge of applicant documents. 

Allow Duplicate Applications?
If this button is unticked, an applicant cannot apply for the same vacancy with the same email address:

If ticked so that duplicates can apply, you can still specify how the system can alert you if a duplicate does apply. 

Based on your setting shown above, this will then show a duplicate applicant with a D next to their record in the pipeline stage:


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