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People® Employee Data Updater Tool
People® Employee Data Updater Tool
Learn how to update your People® employee data from an excel spreadsheet
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This small Windows utility program allows you to update your People employee data from a spreadsheet. This cannot be used to upload a new employee profile, this tool is to update existing employees/leavers and their details. 

This article is split into two headers; creating your excel spreadsheet and how to set up and run the tool.

--Creating the File--

1. Firstly, you'll need to create the spreadsheet that contains the details you wish to edit. This must be a CSV file (this can be exported from Excel).

The column names need to be typed in the exact way as they are displayed below - but you only need to enter the fields you wish to edit. 

  • EmployeeId  - must be specified and be a valid employee

  • Title

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • Email

  • Gender

  • DateOfBirth

  • StartDate

  • ReportsTo - must be an email address of another employee

  • ReportsToEffectiveDate

  • Company

  • CompanyEffectiveDate

  • JobRole

  • JobRoleEffectiveDate

  • Location

  • LocationEffectiveDate

  • Department

  • DepartmentEffectiveDate

  • NationalInsuranceNumber

  • Nationality

  • EmploymentType

  • EmploymentTypeEffectiveDate

  • Address

  • PersonalPhoneNumber

  • AnalysisCode1

  • AnalysisCode2

  • Payroll Company

  • Payroll ID

  • Time & Attendance ID

  • Rota ID

  • CRM ID

  • ATS ID

  • Performance ID

  • Benefits ID

  • System1 ID

  • System2 ID

  • System3 ID

  • APIColumn1

  • APIColumn2

  • APIColumn3

  • APIColumn4

  • APIColumn5

  • PersonalEmail

  • MethodOfRecruitment

-Things to Note-

  • Dates must by in the format YYYY-MM-DD

  • Once the data is overwritten there is no way to undo - so test with one or two employees to make sure you have the correct values specified 

  • Certain field changes in the above list require an effective date.  In order for the update to work, the effective date would need to be added to the CSV.  E.g. if updating Department, the CSV would need to include both the Department and the Department effective date.

  • Save your file as a CSV, somewhere easily accessible (like your Desktop) and then close it. 

--Running The Tool--

1. Once you have your file, you'll need to download the tool - Click HERE

2. Uncompress the folder. You will find the executable file in the folder, double click on it to run it. The tool will then open up on your desktop:

3. For this tool to link to your system, an API key that contains access to all Employee Endpoints is required. On how to create an API key from People®, please see the below article:

4. Once you have your API key, go back into the tool and click the Settings button:

Paste in the API key and click save.

5. Select the 'Browse' option to locate your file and select. 

6. Input the reason for this change - this will be shown when auditing on change field history. 

7. Click 'Update People', once it is done the status will show as 'Status: Completed'. This means that the tool has ran, but not necessarily that it was successful. If there were any errors in the file, or the employee ID could not be found, it will not load that change.

8. To audit on these changes, click the blue 'Reports' button. From here you'll be taken to a file that contains all reports for every time this tool has been used on that computer. Click the most recent one to find your audit report. 

If you have any questions on the validation messages shown in this report, please contact the team at

Please note: You must ensure that any tool/software that you use is kept up to date with the most recent version. This is to ensure you are up to date with any bug fixes and will avoid errors. 


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