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A quick look at the training matrix and what the colours mean on the heat map

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Please Note: The progress bar field found in the training logbook must be marked as 'In Use' for the Training Matrix to show. 

The 'Training Matrix' is found by clicking on Training in the left hand bar. This provides an overview of all training that has been added to an employee's record through their training logbook.

You can filter by:

  • In Progress

  • Planned

  • Completed

  • Outstanding

You will see yellow stars appear underneath each employee. This gives you a quick-look overview of their progress; 5 stars being all training is complete.

Training Matrix Heat Map is a quick way to determine how many employees have yet to complete mandatory training. This is shown on the 'Training Matrix' - as indicated by the coloured dots next to the title of the training.

The colours relate to the percentage of employees that have not completed this training. The calculation to this is as follows: 

((No of employee who booked this training and importance = Mandatory and status = not complete) / total no of employees who have booked this training ) * 100.

The Colours work on the following calculations:

Green : 0%

Yellow : 0< and <=25%

Orange : 25< and <=50%

Dark Orange : 50< and <=75%

Red : >75%

--Can I print Training data?--

You can report on training information via the query builder, export this into CSV and print from there too. To learn how to build a query on Training data, please select the link below:


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