When you book a holiday, by default this request will go to your manager, however it may have been set up by your admin to go to someone else. The approver will receive an email once you have requested a holiday, and you will receive an email to confirm this has been approved or declined. 

You can request holidays via the mobile app, meaning you don't have to wait until your back in the office to organise your time off!

--Book a holiday--

1. If you haven't already, click HERE to learn how to download the app.

2. Once you have logged in, you'll see a similar screen to this:

3. From here, click 'Request Holiday' to be brought to the next screen: 

4. Click 'Start Date' to enter in the first day of your holiday, and the same for the 'End Date'. The duration will pre-populate based on these dates. 

5. You can add a comment to this holiday request if you like, this can be seen by the approver. 

6. Click 'Done' 

7. This request has now been submitted for an approval. 

--View Requests--

1. Back on your front page, click the menu bar in the top left:

2. From here, click the 'My Holidays' tab:

3. You are then taken to all of your holiday requests; Pending, Approved and Declined:

You can also use the specific tabs at the top to filter on status. If a holiday request was declined, you can swipe left on that request to view the decline reason:


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