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Learn Amp Integration
Learn Amp Integration
How to set up your Learn Amp integration with People®
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Automatically add users to Learn Amp from People HR either from the moment of setup or their start date.

Auto-add teams and department to automatically assign content within Learn Amp. Keep data in sync including emails, teams etc. and automatically deactivate users when they leave the company. Find our more about Learn Amp at

--Setting up--

On the Integrations page within Learn Amp, you will find the PeopleHR Webhook URL field pre populated:

1. Click the 'Copy' button to copy this URL to your clipboard. 

2. Log in as administrator to your People HR account.

3. Click the 'Settings' tab

4. Click on 'API' - If you do not have this license available, please contact your accounts manager on  

5. Paste the Webhook URL into the Webhook URL field:

5. You then need to create an API key - Click the Plus icon

6. Call the key: learnamp

7. Select the 'Employee' area and click 'Get All Employee Detail' and 'Get Employee Detail By Id'

8. Click Save within the Employee area

9. Save your key.

9. Go back into the Learn Amp integration page, and paste the key in the API Key field as shown:

Complete the rest of the information on this page within Learn Amp.


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