This article provides a list of what actions trigger a push notification to a user’s mobile phone, via the People® app. Notification permissions must be turned on in phone settings for this to push through.  Users must be logged into the app at the time, although it doesn’t have to be open in the background. 


  • Add holiday request
  • Amend Holiday
  • Delete Holiday
  • Approve Holiday Request
  • Decline Holiday Request


  • Add Expense
  • Amend Expense
  • Delete Expense
  • Expense marked as paid/Unpaid
  • Approve Expense Request
  • Decline Expense request

Other Event

  • Add Other event
  • Amend Other event
  • Delete Other Event
  • Approve Other Event Request
  • Decline Other Event Request


  • New pulse added
  • Reminder - 2 days before end date if not completed


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