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Plugins - Time Attendance Sync

Link your Anviz clock-in machine directly to People® (Using PLugin or a local install)

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This tool will allow you to pull information from your clock in machine directly into employees' planners in the form of a timesheet. You can do this as often as you prefer - daily, weekly etc.

It is vital that all requirements stated below are met and understood before choosing to go forward with this integration:

  • The clock-in machine you have is an Anviz or ZKTeco 

  • You have IT support or a member of staff who has knowledge on networking, firewalls and internet servers to set this up.

  • You have a fixed IP address - or use a DDNS service that provides you with a static host name which acts as a fixed IP.

  • The clock-in machine has a fixed internal IP address

  • You are happy to port forward (port map) your rooter to the clock in machine

--Matching Clock IDs to Employee IDs--

When you register an employee on your Anviz clock and record their biometric information (i.e. fingerprint), the clock provides you with an ID. These IDs are all numeric. For example, the first person you register will get ID '1' and the 2nd ID '2', etc.

Within the People system we need to match the ID on the clock with the relevant employee.

On People®, in the Employment tab of an employee record there is a field called “Time & Attendance ID”. Once you have an employee's ID that was generated by the Anvis clock, you'll need to add this ID into the 'Time & Attendance ID' field within their individual record.

--Setting up--

1. Create and copy an API key that includes the endpoints 'Employee' and 'Timesheet'. On how to create an API key, please see: 

2. Once you have created the API key, click on the 'Plugins' tab:

3. Select the tab 'New Requests'

4. Select 'Time Attendance Sync'

You will be presented with this screen:

5. Enter API Key - Paste the API key in this field

6. Fill out the relevant information based on your specific clock-in machine, IP address and Port. You can do this for up to 5 clock-in devices. 

Please note: The 'Comm Key' field will only need to be populated if you select ZKTeco under the 'Maker' field. 

7. At the bottom you will see the 'Report Mode' tick box. If ticked, this process will not transfer clock-in data to employee's record, this will simply create a report to download. If unticked, this will transfer the data as well as creating a report to download.

8. Click 'Submit' to submit your request. 

You will then find this in the 'Requests' tab - the most recent request will be at the top. It can take up to 2 minutes to be accepted.

If successful, you will be able to select the 'Download' button to download this report. If failed, select the red icon to view an error report - you can send this file over to our team at to review and assist. 

Please note: If you get 'Failed' status, this may not mean it has failed for all - it may not have run for one or more employees for a specific reason. You can view this in the master log.

--Schedule to repeat automatically--

Once you have made a plugin request, you can schedule this Plugin to run automatically. By clicking the 'Schedule' button on the 'Requests' page, you'll be directed to this screen:

  • Description - will be the name of the schedule, so you can see what it is set to at a quick look.

  • Start date - When you wish for the scheduling to start.

  • End date - You can leave this blank if you wish for this to be continuous. 

  • Repeat every - Select when you wish for this schedule to repeat. 

  • Status - You can set this as inactive at any time.

  • Select the days you wish to run this on - you may not wish for notifications to push through on weekends for example.

  • Click 'Save'.

You can view all your schedules plugins in the 'Schedule' tab. 

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