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What are notifications, who are they triggered to and when?
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What are notifications?

Notifications are triggered when details are changed within an employee's record, such as bank details. These will be found in the Notifications tab on the left hand side:

Who receives notifications?

The document linked below provides a table of what notifications are triggered to who, when someone makes a change to an area. Currently, this does NOT include emails – only notifications within the Notifications tab.


Can I set additional users to receive notifications?

Team members cannot see notifications for each other. For example if bank details are changed, only the admin and manager can view this.

As an admin, you may wish for someone else to receive notifications, for example the head of department. To set this up go to the 'Settings' and then click on ‘Notifications’ and click on the ‘+’ icon

In here you can select which employee will get the notification and then underneath you can select which Company within your group, the different locations and the different departments that you want the selected employee to get notifications about.

Do notifications trigger emails?

As admins will receive notifications, an email per change could freeze your inbox! For this reason, notifications do not trigger emails. Instead, they are all kept in one place, securely within your PeopleHR account.

To learn more about what emails are triggered, please see:

To learn more about how you can use Ripple workflow to set automated processes and trigger emails for certain actions, please see:


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