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How to Implement Holiday Carryover
How to Implement Holiday Carryover
How to specify the amount of days of holiday to be carried over.
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In People™, you can specify a carryover rule for the whole company or per locations. 

By setting a maximum number of days/hours, if any holiday entitlement is remaining on the first day of the new year, this will get carried over to their new entitlement. Negative balances will not be carried over.

If the remaining entitlement is over the maximum amount specified, only the maximum amount will carryover. The whole remaining entitlement will still show as remaining in the previous year. 

To do this:

1. Go into 'Settings'

2. You will be taken to the 'Holiday & Absences' settings page. 

3. Complete the boxes shown in the screen below:

--How can I set a rule for a specific location?--

Before completing the carryover boxes, use the 'Location' drop down box to click a specific location:

You can then specify a carryover rule just for this location. There are a number of other holiday and absence settings you can set a as default for that location - these fields will not be greyed out once selecting the drop-down. 

When updating the "All" Location, please note that this will not update the other specific locations you have previously amended. These other locations would need updating individually.

--Setting Up Unlimited Carryover--

You may wish to set your system so that there is no limit so that all remaining entitlements are carried over. Please note that leaving this area as blank or '0' will not carry forward any entitlement. Instead, we advise to put a high number in here, one that employee's would not exceed.

--How can I set a rule for a specific employee?--

Currently you can set a carryover rule for the whole company or a specific location - this cannot be done per employee. 

If you would prefer to do this on an individual basis, we advise turning off the rules all together and adding this to their 'This Year' entitlement once you have moved over to the next holiday year.

When changing an employee's entitlement, you are prompted to input a reason for this change, here would be a great way to note that this was carryover. 

You can also do this in bulk for a number of employees - you'll find a link at the bottom of this page on how to edit an employee's entitlement. 

--What if the holiday year has already taken place?--

The system's automatic carryover process will only run if the rule was set before the new holiday year. If this was not set, as an admin you will need to add the carryover to the employee's entitlement. 

To learn how to edit an employee's entitlement individual or by a bulk action, please see:


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