SI-3345 - When employees update their bank details via the mobile app, notifications will be triggered to the admin on the desktop version. 

SI-3391 - When an employee has submitted more than one assignment on the same day, all logs will show when building a query on this information. 

SI-3393 - If  ‘Auto Approve’ is ticked within the settings of an employee’s Planner, their holiday and Other Event requests will be automatically approved when added via the web version or the mobile app. 

SI-3399 - We have corrected the ‘Count’ filter within the query builder to confirm correct sickness records will pull through based on your filter.

SI-3412 - We have resolved a case where scorecard information was not pulling through on the query builder. 

SI-3429 - When an admin changes an other event reason to ‘Not In Use’, this will not be visible/available to request on the web version or the mobile app. 

SI-3432 - We have revised the Bradford factor calculation when the rolling period has been selected to be greater than 12 months. 

SI-3441 - A case has been rectified to ensure that the filter ‘Last X Days’ within the query builder pulls through the correct logbook date fields. 

SI-3445 - Within the query builder, some changes have been made to ensure the ‘Non-blank’ filter against ‘Gender’ provides results consistent with the filter. 

SI-3492 - The Export to PDF button within the Reports tab will now successfully pull export that specific report. 

SI-3504 - We have corrected an issue that affected the Go To step within ripple processes under certain circumstances. 

SI-3421 - We have corrected a case where one report title was showing under the incorrect report image. 

SI-3510 - When changing an employee’s work pattern, we have corrected a problem where the screen became unresponsive.

SI-3528 - We have corrected the login on the last X days filter so that the results are consistent with the value chosen.

SI-3417 - The Timesheet Report plugin now offers support for rotating work patterns that do not start on week 1. We've also improved the detailed audit report by changing this to .csv format rather than text format.

SI-3554 - We've made some slight changes to the data sheets required when doing your initial data load. The instructions and templates have been updated accordingly. 

SI-3299 - Automatic task alert for Insurance Expiry date will prompt on the correct time, even if the date within the logbook is changed. 

SI-3424 - Logic has been changed to allow 24 hour timesheets over a number of consecutive days. 

SI-3521 - Work pattern contracted hours to allow 0 value to reflect a zero hour contract - an issue had previously occurred when making changes to current work pattern.

SI-3525 - The historical pipeline stage fields within the query builder have been removed to rectify some underlying issues in the background. 

SI-3295 - Improvements have been made to the Workable integration to provide the option of disabling job role information pulling through. 

SI-3389 - Following Sage’s recent update to version 24.02, we have configured our integration with sage to be compatible with these changes. You can find the new integration version here:

SI-3422 - We have updated the Holiday Balance Report in order to comply with our TLS protocol.

SI-3506 - We have made an improvement to our Holiday Sync Service where, if an event fails, this does not stop the full sync of data to your exchange server. 


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