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What People® Can/Can't do as Data Processors
What People® Can/Can't do as Data Processors
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Imagine PeopleHR as a filing cabinet - we provide your HR team with a secure place to easily store files, manage data and retrieve/delete information when needed. 

However, we as a company are not the data controllers. We wouldn't sneak into your filing cabinet and mix up your documents!

Complying with ICO regulations, we are prohibited to manage the data within your People® account ourselves. By 'manage', we mean anything that falls under:

  • Adding/amending data

  • Retrieving data

  • Sending data to a third party

  • Deleting data

  • Store data that has been deleted by the data controller


Please note: In some cases when investigating a case we may require access to your data base. We are only able to do this if you grant us access, and if so, we adhere to strict policies to only access the data required.

Access is revoked automatically after 30 days or you can revoke manually. To learn more, please see:


We understand that you will also have policies and regulations to adhere to (eg. deleting employee information after a number of years). As this is not our data to delete, this is not something that we have the right to do on our side.

What we can do however is provide you with the ability to do so!

With our very powerful query builder tool, you can easily build a report to show who has been sat in your leaver list for X amount of time - by running this report on a weekly/monthly basis, you can easily find who you need to delete and when.

We're always here to help and direct you to the best functionality action to these tasks, so feel free to email the team via


Customer Services Team.

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