February 2019 Release

Fixes and Enhancements

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SI-3433 - Admins now have the option to turn off/on the ability to add assignment timesheets on the mobile app. For more information on this feature, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/setup/setup/timesheetassignment-project-settings

SI-3359 - 2 days before the end date of a Pulse Survey, push notifications will be sent to employees who have not yet completed this. 

SI-3397 - Timesheets/Assignments will only flag up with a red exclamation mark if incomplete (missing a clock in or out time). 

SI-2993 - A change has been made to the validation message when when showing the duration type of a ¼ day sickness. 

SI-2954 - We have corrected a spelling error presented on the Declined Timesheet email.

SI-3416 - When the ‘Apply Work Pattern for Other Events’ is turned on, you’ll be unable to add an other event on top of another event (such as Holiday, Sickness etc.) If turned off, you will be able to book multiple events on the same day. 

SI-3300 - Emails will be triggered to the main notifications admin when an employee signs a document that was created through a document template. 

SI-3082 - A validation message has been added when a user goes to add an assignment on a day where an assignment has already been submitted. 

SI-2893 - We have corrected a scrolling issue that had been present in the Authorisations tab.

SI-3509 - A slight change has been made to the Report Designer to improve the layout of some text.

SI-3520 - If an employee on a Rotating Work Pattern or No Work Pattern is rehired, the default contracted hours will be displayed. 

SI-3585 - We have corrected an issue where payslips uploaded from zip file on Mac OS caused duplicate files in the audit logs. 

SI-3336 - Documents can be uploaded via the browser on various devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad. 

SI-3415 - Some changes have been made to the automatic pro rata tool when adding a work pattern change for an employee to ensure booked holidays, TOIL and carryover is included in the year entitlement. 

SI-2847 - Employees will no longer have access to documents added against their sickness records, this will be Manager and Admin access only. 

SI-2868 - We have corrected a case where deleted employee bank holidays were still showing with ‘Team View’ on the company planner. 

SI-2262 - A small change has been made to allow admins to rehire an employee with a start date within the next holiday year. 

SI-3508  - A case has now been resolve to prevent an ‘Oops’ message when using the ‘Copy From’ option within the ATS. 

SI-3519 - We have rectified an issue with the ‘is Greater Than or Equal To’ filter when building a query on logbooks.

SI-2605 - If an employee is on a No Work Pattern, admins and managers are able to log a sickness record for them that is greater than 100 days. 

SI-3583 - We have expanded the Comments box when viewing Timesheet requests within Authorisations to ensure the approver can read the full comment.

SI-3621 - An oops message will no longer be displayed when a user declines a timesheet request. 

SI-3622 - We’ve corrected the validation for automatic task alerts to ensure they prompt on the correct date. 

SI-3672 - A validation error message will be presented when changing holiday duration to more than a day when ‘less Than A Day ‘ is ticked. 

SI-3676 - If salary perks are set at ‘fixed amount’, these will not be affected when updating employee salary amount. 


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