Approve/Decline Holidays

Through the system or via email

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Managers can approve/decline holidays through the People system, and if set up by an admin, can approve/decline via email. 

If you're an admin and would like to know how to set up approval via email, please see: 

--Approve/decline via the desktop--

  1. Click on the 'Authorisations' tab - You'll see pending holidays/other events requested by your direct and indirect reports:

2. Click on the request you wish to view - Here you will see any other employees who are away around that time (7 days either side).

3. Click Approve or Decline, leaving any comments in the 'Comments' text box if you wish. 

--Approve/decline through an email--

When an employee requests a holiday, the manager (or alternative approver) will receive an email. If set up by admins, you may also have the option to authorise this straight from the email - this will look similar to the one shown below:

Once you have clicked either Approve or Decline, wait for the page to load to confirm this has gone through.


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