Delete/amend my Other Event
Employee - Delete or Amend an Other Event from your record
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If you are an employee and would like to delete an Other Event from your planner, you will be able to delete this up until the date is has been booked for. If the Other Event is in the past, please discuss with your manager or Admin.

If you're a manager or an admin and would like to know how to add, amend or delete another employee's other event, please see: 

To do this:

  1. Click the 'Me' tab

  2. Go into your 'Planner'

  3. Click on the event you wish to edit/edit

  4. When accessing the event, click on the actual event name. E.g Study leave - as shown below

This will then bring up all details regarding this event. You then have the option to change any details, you can also delete the event using the 'Delete' option in the bottom left corner.

5. If editing, remember to click 'Save' once all changed has been made.


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