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Report on who hasn't opened their Performance Review.
Report on who hasn't opened their Performance Review.
Use V Lookup in Excel to see who has not yet started their Performance Review
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The query builder is designed to extract data from stored within the system and against employee records.

If an employee hasn't yet opened their review, it is not present in their record. So although you can build a report to show Performance Status, you are unable to build a query to show those who have not yet opened their review. 

This article walks you through how to use an easy formula within Excel to get this information.

--Step One: Build 2 queries--

1st Query:
This query needs to include all employees that are assigned to this Review. 

If this is all live employees, you won't need to select any extra fields or filter - by default a query will always include Employee ID, First Name and Last Name:

You can then click 'Next' and 'Next' again to Name and save this query. 

If there is as a specific 'group' of employees assigned to a review, you'll need to filter this accordingly. For example, you may have a performance review for a certain department. If so, you'll also want to select the 'Department' field:

Click 'Next' to go into the filter area and filter by department:

You can use the same logic when filtering per Location, Job Role etc. You can then click 'Next' to Name and save this query. 

2nd Query:
This query needs to show all employees that have opened this review so far. Follow the below screenshot on which options to select:

Click 'Next' to go into the filters area. 

If there is only one review available, you can skip this page and go straight to naming and saving the query. If there are multiple and you wish to view this information for only one performance review, you can filter as follows:

--Step Two: Export both queries--

To export into Excel, click on the query to open it and select 'Export to':

Once exported, combine the two pieces of information into one sheet using copy and paste. The best way to do this is by following the video below:

--Step Three: Use V Lookup--

  1. Select a column outside of the data table as so:

2. Click the 'Formulas' tab and select 'Lookup & Reference':

3. Select 'V Lookup':

Fill in the details as follows:

Follow the video below on how to fill in this data: 


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