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Transparency of who has access to your data
Transparency of who has access to your data

Which teams at PeopleHR have access your system, and why they need it.

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Many of our teams at PeopleHR need access to different pieces of information on your system in order to follow our daily processes and tasks for our customers. This article explains what access each team requires and why.

Types of data and who can access?

Company Data

Information about your company including who are your administrators. This data is used for billing and managing your subscription with People. 

Your account managers and our support team have access to your Company Data. We typically need to access this data to send you invoices and check your subscription details. 

Employee Data

Your HR data including all employee records, absence information, salary and bank details, and documents. 

Employee data is stored and transmitted encrypted. Unencrypted access to this data is only available to our support team if you grant access to them using the grant access option in People. Access is revoked automatically after 30 days or you can revoke manually. To learn more, please see:

Security measures?

We are an ISO27001 certified company and as part of one of those controls we are audited on how we access our live platforms, including logging onto production servers. Our senior engineers log onto our live servers to:

  • Manage the system

  • Deploy new releases 

Access to our servers is locked down to our office IP addresses and is controlled by multi-factor authentication and is logged in immutable log files. 

Senior engineers do have the ability to access your data subject to approval by the CTO.


Customer Services Team.

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