March 2019 Release
Fixes and Enhancements
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SI-3082 - We have fixed an issue that was occurring when trying two assignments on the same day. 

SI-3702 - We have added a new setting that will allow you to process payments for new starters that were not included in the cut off period but their start date fell under the payroll period.

SI-3712 - We’ve added a number of new payslip formats to be configured and supported via the payslip loader. 

SI-3694 - We have updated our default bank holiday template (England & Wales) to ensure you’re all set for the next few years. 

SI-3686 - Our sage integration is now configured with the new Sage update V25.01.

SI-3680 - Both Excel Hotsheets and Google Hotsheets will now have an auto refresh option. If selected, every time a hotsheet file is opened it will display up to date, live data. 

SI-3592 - We have added a new tab within you Settings tab called ‘Consultants’. This will allow you to add and manage consultants. To learn more about consultants, please see:

SI-3591 - Another new tab you’ll find under your Settings is called ‘Access to PeopleHR’. This is to allow admins to grant and revoke access to your system for our Support team. To learn more on how to use this feature and why you might need it, please see: 

SI-2865 - Managers will be unable to exceed their Other Event Entitlements. Only admins are able to do this. 

SI-3662 - We’ve added additional functionality to allow you to specify an employee’s bank account type within the Sage integration. 

SI-3730 - We have corrected an issue experienced when converting a Report into PDF format. 

SI-3726 - When setting up Project Assignments, we have removed the Location drop down within Tasks as this will be linked to the specific project instead. This option will still be available for Projects.

SI-3543 - Timesheet information within a query will be consistent when logged via the web version or the mobile app. 

SI-3703 - We have rectified a case to ensure vacancy information pulls through in a query. 


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