Admins may want to log specific entitlements/deductions on an employee's record. A few examples of this may be:

The two best was to store these against an employee record is either within their salary record itself (specified under deductions/entitlements) or via the logbook.

Within the salary:

The following help article explains how to amend/add an employee salary, including how to add these extras:

You can also add entitlements and deductions in bulk:
Click here for the article on bulk entitlements
Click here for the article on bulk deductions

Within the logbook:

The Logbook area is somewhere to store information that you need to record, when there isn’t space for it elsewhere - and it is fully reportable!

--Step 1: Create a custom logbook screen to record this data.
Use different field types to store and present the data in the best way. On how to do this, please see:

--Step 2: Set the access for the logbook screen.
Only system admins have the ability to create and edit logbook screens, but you can specify if you wish for employees and managers to view or add their own information. You have the option to specify:

  • No Access

  • View Only

  • Update 

To set logbook access, please see:

You can also load logbook data in bulk via a spreadsheet. To learn more on how to do this, please see:


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