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Add/extend Sickness as a Manager
Add/extend Sickness as a Manager
Add or extend a sickness for your employees
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If you are a system admin and would like to know about sickness settings and creating more sick 'reasons', please see:


--Add sick record to an employee's planner--

1. Go to an employees record

2. Click their grey 'Planner' tab

3. Click on the relevant month you wish to add Sickness and select the appropriate day on the Sick line.

4. Within the Details Tab, select the duration (A Day or More, 1/2 Day or 1/4 Day)

5. Select the appropriate sickness reason from the dropdown list.

6. Once you have selected the reason, enter the From and To dates.

7. Emergency Leave = This will simply reduce the employees holiday entitlement by the sick duration. This can only be selected by administrators.

8. In the 'Options' tab you can select if HR has confirmed the sickness, choose whether a back to work interview and self cert are required. Once received, enter the dates.

9. And finally enter any comments and add any relevant files to the record, please note the comments will be visible to the employee.

--Can I extend this sickness?--

If the employee is off sick for another day, you can go back into this sick record in the employee's planner and edit the end date.

We do not advise creating a new sickness record as this would trigger another return to work form.

To learn more about Return to works, please see:

--Can an Employee add their own sick record?--

Admins and managers have the ability to record a sick day on an employee's record, however employee's cannot add sickness to their own record. Once communication has taken place with the employee and the manager/HR, this can be added to their record.


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