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Upload employee photo
Upload employee photo
Uploading an employee photo to your record
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Upload your own employee photo

  1. Select the 'Me' tab

  2. Select the 'Personal' tab

  3. Scroll down to 'Employee Photo' box

  4. Click 'Browse'

--Best practice--

The dimensions of the photo should be be 256x256 (or very similar) and should be cropped to a square, otherwise the proportions of the photo will skew.

We recommend that you invest a little time in getting the photo’s consistent and looking good; it will make employees feel good. Go for a nice background, well lit. A front-on photo of the employees head and shoulders should work well within the given dimensions.

See the example:

--Why can't I upload my employee photo?--

If the above option is not showing in your Personal tab, this means that currently your system is set for employees to not have this ability. Please discuss with your Admin on this. They can turn on this option by following the below instructions. 

--Admins: How to allow employees to upload photos --

  1. Select into the 'Settings' tab 

  2. Select the 'Employee' tab 

  3. Select 'Turn on' so the below is shown: 

As an admin, you can load employee photos in bulk. Click here to learn more.


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