April 2019 Release
Fixes and enhancements
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SI-3477 - When building a query on expenses, the logic for ‘Total Expense Report Claims’ has been changed to ensure this presents the total value of all expense lines for that report.

SI-3478 - Projects that are marked as ‘Not in use’ in the Settings area will not longer be available within the Project list when adding an Assignment. 

SI-3536 - We have implemented some logic within the query builder to retain negative figures of holiday entitlement, to ensure they are not showing as a positive balance when reporting. 

SI-3584 - When a comment within an Applicant record has been updated, only that comment will show as edited - previous comments will not be affected. 

SI-3610 - Whether sickness comments have been added via the mobile or the desktop app, these comments will still show on the sickness. 

SI-3618 - When creating/using an ATS email template, users will be able to add more than one email address in the CC and BCC field.

SI-3762 - We have made some changes to prevent the ‘Oops’ error message occurring when using the Help Me Calculate tool for a new starter. 

SI-3629 - When an applicant is copied to another vacancy, their applicant code will be brought over to the next record.

SI-3689 - We have corrected a case where a holiday requested for one date was presented as the date before. 

SI-3700 - An issue with the filter ‘Last X Days’ when querying on ‘Applicant Added On’  has been rectified.

SI-3789 - We've made a fix to ensure the data loader recognises the correct amount of licensed employees in your system.


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