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What is an API?
What is an API?

(Admin only) Overview of API, API keys, security and testing.

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--What do we mean by API?--

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

Application - in this case, PeopleHR
Programming - Is what software developers do in order to get apps to work
Interface - A point where two systems meet/interact 

API is used for developers to write code that will talk to and gather information from your system.

We've created an open API to help you easily integrate People with other systems and applications, for seamless cross-platform data sharing.

We've created some tools that you can use within PeopleHR using an API key, and some of these are simple enough for you to follow without the need for a developer. 

--What is an API key?--

An API key is a key/code that identifies your application (PeopleHR) and and checks if you are authorised to make a specific request (retrieve/delete/edit specific data). 

As a system Admin for PeopleHR, you can create an API key within the system and specify which areas/functions this has access to so that you can use this for something else. 


When creating an API key, we have split different areas/functions so that you can specify exactly what access this API key as, and even under a specific IP address if you wish. This means that when giving this to a developer, they only have access to what they need, without having access to other information (for example employee salaries).


Take a look at the video which explains how to obtain the API key, test it and use it

Please note: We recommend development and testing is always done with a Sandbox account and not your live data. Please contact to request a sandbox site for testing. 

--Helpful articles-

Our API documentation:

API workbench (For testing):



Customer Services Team. 

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