May 2019 Mobile Release

(Part 1 of 2) Fixes and Enhancements

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SI-3787 - We have resolved an issue that was causing expense lines to duplicate.

SI-3839 - An issue where expenses in draft mode were disappearing has now been resolved. 

SI-3838, SI-3867 & SI-3849 - We have reverted logic so that declined expenses can be submitted once edited.  

SI-3840 - After investigating a case where customers had difficulties submitting multiple reports in drafts, this has now been resolved. 

SI-3834 - We have corrected a case to ensure you are able to approve/decline Assignment requests in the mobile app.

SI-3767 & SI-3800 - We have resolved a discrepancy in the dates displayed on the company planner.

SI-3768 - Holiday data on the mobile dashboard is no longer cached per login. This information will refresh and show current data each time you log in. 

SI-3907 & SI-3894 - We’ve made a change in the background to stop the following error message being presented when booking a holiday: User Formatted Transaction Date Contains Invalid Data. 

SI-3908 & SI-3916 - We’ve corrected a case where an Oops message was presented when submitting a timesheet on the mobile app. 

SI-3917 - The inability to send chat messages via the mobile app has been resolved.


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