May 2019 Mobile Fixes

Fixes and Enhancements

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SI-3841 - We have resolved an intermittent issue where expense receipt images were disappearing. 

SI-3837 - Expense currencies will remain consistent with your selection when creating that expense. 

SI-3914 - We have corrected an issue presented when users filtered on the mobile planner, it was not showing the text next to the corresponding check box. 

SI-3910 - Deleted events will no longer be presented on event lists. 

SI-3909 - Taken and remaining entitlement will correctly show on the My Events module. 

SI-3896 - When viewing holidays, we have removed the ‘AM’ next to the date/time unless of course this is a half day specified for the morning. 

SI-3874 - We have improved the user interface for the TapinTapout icon to resolve a case where this often moved from the centre. 

SI-3891 - A case where holidays were showing as 0 duration has now been resolved. 

SI-3888 & SI-3958  - The comment count on News will now show the correct count and corrected a scrolling issue presented in this area.  

SI-3881 - We have corrected an issue where the Cancel button within the Settings tab was not responding. 

SI-3882 - We have corrected an issue where the Cancel button shown when creating a new holiday request was not responding. 

SI-3868 - Recently added comments on news will now be visible to the user.

SI-3869 - Users will be able to delete their expense request if still pending. 

SI-3878 - When rejecting a holiday and being presented with a comments box, some users were having difficulty bringing up the keypad to type. This has now been resolved. 

SI-3923 - We have resolved an issue where expense receipts were not saving when submitting an expense.

SI-3946 & SI-3947 - The 'Transaction ID does not exist’ error message should no longer be presented when deleting Pending other events. 

SI-3950 - We’ve corrected the issue with the planner drop down box not expanding. 

SI-3951 & 3930 - We have resolved a case where the app crashed when opening/deleting other event. 

SI-3917 & SI-3851 - We have resolved an issue with the mobile chat feature where chats were not being sent or received in some cases. 

SI-3879 - We’ve corrected a circumstance where the home button was highlighted when in the My Holiday area of the mobile app. 

SI-3880 - The viewing issue in which the tap in tap out refresh button was animating in the background has now been prevented. 

SI-3932 - We have prevented the recent error that was causing the app to crash when creating  a new group in the Pulse feature. 

SI-3935 - We've resolved a discrepancy in remaining entitlement on Androids. 

SI-3915 - Background functionality has been corrected so that when users click on pending other event requests, they are not redirected to the dashboard. 

SI-3875 - After investigating a case that involved timesheets presenting as zero hours (00:00), we can confirm that this has now been resolved. 

SI-3931 - The correct duration measurement (Days or Hours) will be shown in the My Events area of the mobile app. 

SI-3884 & SI-3876 - If opening TapinTapout without location/GPS access turned on, the app will present an error message to confirm that this needs to change. This is to avoid issues caused on the app when GPS is turned off. 

SI-3960 - We have resolved a case that was causing the app to crash on the Pulse Module.

SI-3911 & SI-3887 - We have corrected an issue that was presented with the Monthly display in planner. 

SI-3959 - The request count will now show correctly when displaying on requests area. 


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