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How to setup performance reviews for your employees
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Once you have logged into the People® site, you can start to tailor the Performance review settings to your specific needs. The steps below explain how to setup performance reviews.

1. Click on the 'Settings' tab. 

2. Select the 'Performance' tab.(The first screen you will see shows you any reviews you currently have created in the system. This is also where you will create new reviews.)

3. Click on the '+' icon in the top left to create a new review.

4. Give the review a relevant name to identify it.

5. Enter the completion date for the review, or click no completion date if you do not require one.

6. Specify who eligible for this review. 

You can then test all of the filters you have used by selecting ‘Test Rule’ - this will provide a list of all employees that are assigned to this performance review.

As well as filtering by Company, Location, Department, Job role and Employment type, you can also specify in a little more detail as to who will be included or excluded from a certain Performance Review. 

Specific Employee(s) - The system will look at the names in this field and nothing else (other filters will revert back to ‘All’ by default). Can be used if you only want this review to be assigned to one or a few specific employees.

Exclude Employee(s) - There may be a certain employee that lands in all of your above filters but needs to be excluded from this Performance Review, such as the head of the department or the CEO. This filter would be great in this case.

Length Of Service -  Looks at the employee’s length of service. For example anyone with the length of service ‘Great Than’ 6 months will be included in this Performance Review. This is an easy way to skip all employees that are still within their probation period. 

Next, you have the Copy From and Ratings section:

7. Copy from:Here you can copy from an existing template that you have previously created.

8. Ratings:
You can choose whether you require an overall rating, a core score or a job role score. If selected, employee's will be able to answer the question with a numbered rating using a slider bar, as well as having the option to add some text. Overall will need to be selected if you wish to use a slider rating for other areas.

9. You can then start to edit and add segments below.
You can create core segments, job role segments and 360 segments. Click here to learn more about 360.

Within each of these areas, you can create up to 10 segments each with up to 5 questions.

10. Click 'Add Segment' to start adding performance questions. 

11. Add a Title and description:

12. Click Next to go to the question page:

13. Click 'Add Question' to be presented with this screen:

14. Enter the question and add some help text.

15. Select an answer type:

If 'Text', the employee will be given a mandatory text box to type their answers.If 'Slider' the employee will be given mandatory slider bar to score themselves and an optional text box. The slider options are based on the 'Ratings' you specify at the start. 

16. Select a Core Value. This can be something the company would like to measure employees by such as culture, team work, dependability etc.

17. After every question, click 'Add':

18. When you've finished adding your questions to this segment, click 'Save Segment'. 

19. Once you are happy with the performance review, scroll to the top and click 'Save'. 

20. When you are ready to roll out the review, simply check the box for 'In Use' at the top and click on the button to 'Send Email To All Employees'.

Employee's can only complete one review at a time.


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